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All of our customers have chosen ACCS over their OEM field service option. The feedback from our customers is that ACCS provides superior quality, value and expertise from what they have received from their OEM field service. With a focus to deliver value, that has allowed ACCS to be a viable field service option for customers from Maryland to California and Ohio to New Mexico.  ACCS customers include university test labs, aerospace labs including full scale structural testing, medical device manufactures including wear simulators, mechanical test labs, agriculture and transportation test labs.  ACCS is a NVLAP accredited field service lab, NVLAP Calibration Lab Code 201048-0.


Onsite Calibration Service

Test machine or structural actuator linear displacement and force. Test machine rotary displacement and torque.  Extensometers, displacement gages, clip on displacement gages and pressure transducers.

Onsite Repair Service

ACCS can perform routine maintenance and preventative maintenance.  ACCS has partnered with Industrial Servo Hydraulics in Fraser, Michigan to refurbish test machine actuators and servo-valves. ACCS has delivered turn key solutions to take a test machine from an offline condition to repaired, refurbished, calibrated and ready for test.

Custom Test Machine Solutions

ACCS has designed custom solutions i.e. Handheld Grip Controller, Automatic Grip Release controller and Hydraulic Crosshead Lift & Lock controller.


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11403 W Delano St

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11403 W Delano St

Wichita, Kansas  67212


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